Can’t Stay In One Place

Hello world!

For years I’ve wanted to blog…but I’ve always felt my life wasn’t interesting enough for one. (which is true but I promise to only share the glamorous and maybe not-so-glamorous moments) Now having a reason to blog I grasped on to the idea and ran with it…so here goes nothing!

My name is Michaela Rose Kotob and I am twenty years young, though some say I have quite the old soul. Born and raised in Boston, MA and currently studying fashion communication and promotion at Lasell College; a quaint little campus right outside of Boston. (I really made it far from home, huh?) BUT surprise surprise…I am starting my junior year entering the scariest, most fantastic adventure of my life; studying abroad in the beautiful Florence, Italy…FOR 4 MONTHS! And what better way to share every moment??? This blog will be a combination of my everyday life as a fashion student, my travels, my love for art, fashion and photography, and how could I forget?….FOOD.


Ciao for now, Boston!


peace boston


Ciao Boston!



3 thoughts on “Can’t Stay In One Place

  1. Julie says:

    Michaela ~ I am a friend of your mum’s & so excited to see your blog & be able to have a glimpse into your adventure. I spent 2 weeks in Italy this summer & had a blast! Shine on & soak it all in . . . I have no doubt it will be the experience of a lifetime!

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