Parent Appreciation: Part I

This post is all about the appreciation that parents truly deserve. Especially mine.

I always have known my parents do a lot for me but I haven’t actually realized how much until now. It all started off coming abroad and living in my first apartment ever, how hard could it be? Well one, there’s a list of chores that I don’t even think of doing at home. And all the laundry ALL THE TIME. Who knew four girls needed to do so.much.laundry. Also when you make a mess in the kitchen then go to your room straight after to relax…yeah it stays there until you clean it yourself. There’s no magical fairy that cleans your tracks behind every step you make. Second, you have to actually buy food and cook it or you’ll starve. (Although I’ve been cooking for myself since I can remember, sorry mom, it’s still hard to accept the fact that the fridge doesn’t magically refill on it’s own.) Also, thinking of meal ideas on your own gets tiring and I end up making the same thing everyday. (Not complaing, my grilled chicken and asparagus is the Third, though I absolutely CANNOT stand being nagged by parents… Have you cleaned your room? Is your homework done? Isn’t that your third ice cream? You should be getting some sleep…I can honestly admit that I may slightly miss it…only because without them nagging I see my room becoming messy quicker (and for longer) and yes I eat that third ice cream (sorry future self) AND NO I HAVEN’T BEEN GETTING MY 8 HOURS OF SLEEP, GOSH.

Yes I love living on my own, and yes I hate being treated like a child but hey I will admit, us kids have it gooooood😎. And all the parents out there (especially YOU Wendy and Ramzi) deserve the biggest thank you for all they do without you even realizing it.

So thank you mom and dad, you truly do EVERYTHING for us and I’m forever greatful. Now all you other sons and daughters share this post and thank your parents!



One thought on “Parent Appreciation: Part I

  1. Maria Kotob (yo sissy) says:

    AWWWWW that’s so cute, after the last few days I miss mom and dads meals tbh…. Anyway love ya and miss yaaaaa😘 Make memories and keep taking photos!! Xoxo


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