Will You Be My Valentine?

[ ] yes

[ ] no

Pick and pass the note back.

Can anyone else recall these days of secret admirers, decorated shoe boxs, and hundreds of options of boxed valentines at CVS?

I think Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. (Most are probably thinking, yes Michaela because you’re in a relationship while the rest of us are getting valentines from our parents) The truth of the matter is, I’ve loved this holiday since I can remember. Decorating my shoe boxs for school every year with my mom, writing out each individual Valentine for my classmates and teachers, enjoying sugar pink EVERYTHING. Yes, I love it all.

I’m a sucker for crafts (I thank my mother) so it’s the one holiday where you can get creative and make your own gifts for loved ones.

So please enjoy some ideas of DIY last minute gift ideas for your special Valentine (or friend, wink)

DIY Valentine Gifts 

1. The simple, go-to Valentine.



Just stick to a card (home-made or bought) and your Valentines favorite treat! Ex. Sugar cookie hearts.

2. The Valentine Date Voucher.



Buy your Valentine a date (make sure that it’s clear that the date is with you)

Ex: Movie Tickets, Restaurant Gift Card, Play Stubs, Movie Night-In with your Favorite Snacks (for students), Concert or Sport Tickets (for the ones with some extra cash$$) Whether you stick these tickets in a home-made card or roll them up in a red box, the call is yours.

3. The Valentine Favorites Basket



This basket will be filled with all of your significant other’s favorite treats and wish list items.

Materials Needed:


-Tissue Paper


-Hard Foam (bottom of basket)

-His/Her favorites : snacks, candy, shirts, workout wear (under armor, water bottle, head bands) , scratch tickets, nips (if 21+), gift cards, jewelry/accessories, ect.

Here was my Valentine from my boyfriend last year…

Whether that’s a heart or cat shaped pizza, I’m good with either😻

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Xoxo ~Michaela

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