Post Valentine DIY


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So I’m sure all of you ladies that received flowers on v-day are dreading throwing them away…(if you haven’t already) Well if you haven’t already here’s a great DIY keepsake to hang on to! (And if you have already tossed them, use this next year!)

So my boyfriend got me the most beautiful bouquet of roses for Valentine’s Day and I wanted to remember them/have them forever (some of my friends would like for me to admit that I’m a slight hoarder, I on the other hand would like to disagree. I just like memories in a tangible  form) SO I decided to press some of the bouquet after a week of them sitting out. Now this craft can be 100% free and yes I mean $0 or you can make it more personal and take it to the craft store like I did.

Tools used:

  • Flowers from bouquet
  • Wax paper
  • Books (or anything heavy)
  • Scrapbook stickers
  • Magnetic photo album

Steps for flower pressing:

1. Take a few pieces from your bouquet that you like (petals, full flowers, greenery, ect.)

2. Lay out a peice of wax paper (in an area where they will stay safe and sound) and lie down all the petals and greens you want to press.

3. Cover it with a second peice of wax paper, approximately the same size.

4. Put books over the entire sheet of paper. (I used 5 of my dads big cook books)

5. Let it sit for 3-5 days (or more if you like, time frame is completely up to you!)

6. Take off books and your paper should look something like this.

7. Remove petals and place however your creative eye sees it! Now you can either just put them in a plastic container and label, or if you’re more crafty do what I did and scrapbook it! This is how my final product came out…

(Much more pleasing in person, it was hard to capture in a picture with the shiny top coat! Also the heart stickers really helped keep the page down)



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