February Birchbox Review

….yes I know it’s not February anymore. But I needed some time to test every sample in my  February Birchbox!

So I’ve been getting these cute little boxes in the mail every month for almost a year now. For those of you who don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s a company that sends you samples of products every month and will give you discount codes and information on that months box. It’s actually pretty cool because when you first sign up they ask you a bunch of questions about yourself and the types of products you’re most interested in! I’m such a sucker for companies like this because I’m a product junkie and I LOVE testing out new beauty products on the market. Birchbox is the perfect subscription if you love trying new products for a small fee and want the luxury of trying without buying the full product before you know if you even like it. That can get pricy and you’re stuck with a drawer of junk you’ll never use!

So here is February’s box and all the samples that came with it!

1. Arrow (BB Exclusive): REVIVE Cooling Cheek Tint- Berry Flush

Review: I personally didn’t like the color I got, it was bright red and looked dramatic on my skin tone. However I did love the way it goes on your skin. It’s a liquid tint that works like blush and lately I love that glowing dewy makeup look and this product definitely pairs with that.


REVIVE Cooling Cheek Tint

2. Color Club: Mini Polish, That’s My Jam

Review: I love when I get nail polish in my Birchbox because it lasts forever. I was a big fan of this nail polish. I didn’t need a glossy top coat and although it needed two thick coats to be bold, I loved the final color and feel of it!


Color Club Mini Polish

3. Harvey Prince: Ageless
Review: I am not a huge fan of this perfume…it kind of reminds me of the scented spray I had when I was little and would put on myself and my favorite doll. I think overall it’s a nice smell, but I wouldn’t buy it as a perfume.


Ageless Perfume

4. POP Beauty: Matte Velvet Lipstix, Satin Rose.

Review: love the color, love the feel, love everything except it’s not a long lasting lip stick. I feel like I had to reapply quite a few times…but it wasn’t that big of a deal because it doesn’t dry out your lips like most matte lipsticks do.


Matte Velvet Lipstix

5. The Body Shop: Fuji Green Tea Body Butter

Review: okay I’m a fan of The Body Shop but I’m giving an honest review… I love it. I LOVE IT. If I’m going to go buy a full size product from this kit it will be this body butter. I love the smell, and it makes my skin super smooth.


Fuji Green Tea Body Butter

6. Miss Jessie’s Original: Jelly Soft Curls

Review: So I have very curly hair and have been letting it go natural for a week now. The first few days I let it air dry and added Aragon Oil and some de-frizz spray, (and for once I actually liked my curls’ mainly because they weren’t wild) the last few days I used this curl jelly and I wasn’t a fan of the smell or the way my hands felt after, and for those of you who love “poppin curls” -Miss Jessie you will love the result of this product. I personally just like my curls tamed and this definitely brought out their inner curl.


Jelly Soft Curls

So there you have it, my six samples in my February Birchbox! You will always find products you love and ones you don’t in these kits but I love getting mine every month. Here are a list of the products (that Birchox provides) if you’re interested in trying any!



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