The best sale of the year is officially over (I know we’re sad too☹️) but it’s time to take a look at all the goodies.


bff goals…hi J

I find great pieces throughout the year but it can get pretty pricy, so I really have to pick and choose out of my absolute favorites. (#brokecollegegirlprobs) LF sale season is seriously like Christmas….I get a pile of my favorite pieces for the price of one and I love playing dress up with my favorite LF stylists. (Oh hey Jamie, Paris, Kimmie, Danielle 😎)

So Jamie (BFF and former LF stylist, follow her on insta –> @jamieptran) and I decided to share our favorites from our shopping spree.


  • If you haven’t tried it on, or if you have and you’re iffy, don’t buy it. All sale are final, no returns or exchange.
  • Go early when it’s slow, sale hours get hectic and that = long dressing room lines and stylists are super busy. 

I hope you all found some treasures under the mountains of clothes…I know we sure did! Here are some of our favorites..


my picks from the sale


Grey suede dress: original price: $158 /sale price: $59.20

Olive crop top: original price: $84 /sale price: $33.60

Jamie’s picks from the sale

Skirt: original price: $128 /sale price: $18

Crop Top: original price: $78 /sale price: $18

Jeffry Campbell Matte Booties: original price: $55 /sale price: $26

Jacket: original price: $164 /sale price $24

Pants: n/a

Shirt: n/a

Skirt: original price: $ 108 /sale price: $18

Crop Top: original price: $78 /sale price: $18

Jacket: original price: $128 /sale price: $24

Flannel: original price: n/a /sale price: $18

Boots: original price: n/a /sale price: $23.20
Celebs we love who shop at LF


Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid: via instagram: LF Wellesley


Some of our favorite LF looks taken from Instagram


Photos via Instagram: LF Wellesely , LF Boston, LF 5th Ave, LF Laguna


We had a BLAST with this Photoshoot…now I get why everyone wants to work at LF……

Photos by: Jamie Tran, Michaela Kotob, Gabrielle Beauregard, Kait McCarthy (unless stated otherwise) 

We hope you enjoyed! Leave comments and share below!


~ Michaela & Jamie

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