Current Skin Care Favorites

Hi friends! This article is about my current favorite skin and beauty products on the market and tips on how to maintain beautiful natural skin! To learn more keep reading:

I am the definition of a product junkie. (if you couldn’t tell from my Birchbox post) I love trying new products and seeing the differences they make in my skin (sometimes good, sometimes bad) and sharing them with friends and family.

Since I was little I have had really great skin without acne, skin discolor, or dryness. I never wore face makeup, or found myself searching the beauty isle for new products, it was just glowy and clear on its own. It wasn’t until my sophomore year in college when all that changed and my skin did a complete 180 and turned for the worst. After numerous facials, constant diet and lifestyle changes, and testing many products did I finally find ones that worked really well for me. Since then my skin has come a long way, still with room for improvement. If I have learned anything it’s that you need to stay consistent with skin routines and taking care of not only the outside but the inside as well. (Clean eating, excersize, sleep, ect.)

Tips for maintaining clear skin: 

  1. ALWAYS take your makeup off before bed. This is one thing you should never skip. (Keep makeup wipes next to your bed)
  2. Wash your face twice a day with your favorite cleansers and washes. (I use facial wash in the morning and cleanser at night)
  3. What you put in your body will determine how you skin looks and feels. Drink a lot of water.
  4. SLEEP. Beauty sleep is a real thing.
  5. If you apply your makeup with a beauty blender or makeup brushes clean them regularly.
  6. Hold off on heavy makeup unless it’s an occasion. Your skin needs to breath. (I like using BB cream and tinted moisturizer on weekdays)
  7. Stop touching your face. Don’t pick, don’t touch throughout the day.
  8. Stop tanning. (For some with severe acne they usually are recommended to tan but if not it can be extremely harmful. Always use makeup with SPF in it.)
  9. What doesn’t show now will show up later. Drinking, poor diet, lazy skin routines: your face may look absolutely fine today but one day all these poor habits will catch up to you. (I learned this the hard way) P.S. It’s never too soon to start using anti-aging products.
  10. Love your skin and be patient.

Products I love: 

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes

I use these everyday and keep a mini pack in my purse. The best face wipes on the market. Buy them here! 

 Clinique Facial Moisturizing Lotion
I have been using this lotion for almost four years and I love it. It feels clean, it keeps your skin in control and moisturized and I don’t think I will change my daily lotion for a long time. I use this after I wash my face in the morning or anytime I need it throughout the day! You can get it almost anywhere with a beauty department but if you prefer to order it, click here!

Alba Deep Pore Acne Wash and Enzyme Sea Algae Scrub

I live by all Alba products. They’re natural, gentle, and hypoallergenic. I use the wash every night before bed and the scrub once or twice a week. I buy my Alba products at Marshalls but you can also get them here! Get both here!

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum and Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask 

I bought these products when I was in London after seeing them all over Instagram and haven’t looked back since. They make your skin flawless and I love how they smell. Some use them as makeup primer but I personally don’t like that at all. I user the Glycolic Fix a few times throughout the week (night or day) and I use the Plumping Mask once or twice a week before bed and leave it on until I wash my face the next morning.

Click here to shop Nip + Fab

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser and Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
For those days (or week) your face just isn’t having it and you want results fast. I love the wash because you can feel it working on your skin. I use it when I need extra help twice a day and use the acne treatment before I put on makeup and before bed. I buy both at Walgreens and Target but you can order yours here! Clean + Clear Here!

Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Jel 
This is my new favorite. I got a sample at Sephora about a month ago and I still have some left before I need to order more. I love the way it makes my face look and feel. Sometimes I’ll mix it with my Alba Acne Cleanser for a dynamic duo leaving my face looking recalling clear. Use this any time of the day! Get it here!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray and Drying Lotion 
All of Mario Badescu products are sent from heaven. You feel great using them and they make you look great. Nothing competes! I am so obsessed with the facial spray…I use it throughout the day, as a makeup setting spray, anything I can think of I grab it. I just bought a mini spray bottle to pour some into to have it on the go now that it’s getting warm out! Definitely a summer day necessity to keep you feeling cool and fresh! The drying lotion is perfect to use before bed if you want to zap away any imperfections over night! I work at Anthropologie so I buy all of his products there but if you don’t have a store close to you, you can get it here! Obtain Heaven Here

Dead Sea Origins Eye and Neck Cream 
I just started using this product about a month ago and I already have seen results. I naturally have dark eyelids and bags under my eyes and they have become brighter and more firm. I use it every night before bed, after I wash my face. I got this at Marshalls but you can also order it here! Click here!

Bliss The Youth As We Know It: Anti Aging Moisture Cream 

Another product I picked up at Marshalls and am loving the results. I use it before bed with the Dead Sea Origins Cream and my face still feels moisturized when I wake up. Get it here!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer 
This is my favorite tinted moisturizer. It makes your skin look flawless without the boat load of makeup which is perfect for everyday wear in the summer and it is SPF 20 to protect your skin. I get mine from Sephore and you can click  here to order yours or pick it up in store! (This can get pricy so my favorite drug store product is Maybelline’s BB cream with SPF 30. Order Yours Here!)

Karuna Face Masks
For a while we have watched celebrities use these paper face masks that work wonders. I have probably tried 15 different brands and didn’t like any or see any results. I love Karuna masks and the instant glow they give you. I use the mask once a week before bed while I watch tv. (You are limited to activity while wearing these, well Atleast I feel that way.) leave this mask on for about 20 minutes and when you take it off don’t wash your face, massage the extra product into your skin and skip moisturizing that night. I buy mine at work or Sephora. Order yours here!
Looking for more natural options for skin care? I swear on coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, lemon, honey, tea bags, and sugar. Stay tuned for my next post on ways to incorporate these house hold items into your skin routine!

I hope you enjoyed, I would love to hear feedback on any of the products I shared and if they worked for you ☺️
Email me at: or comment below!

2 thoughts on “Current Skin Care Favorites

  1. Alisha says:

    Yaaas, I’m also obsessed with skin products since my skin is super sensitive. I have tried so many products to get the skin I want and still trying to figure that out! I just might have to try some of these. Also I have some suggestions you might like.. Boscia peel off masks (different types depending on what you’re looking for) and freeman cucumber peel off masks are great exfoliators, my skin feels so nice after ☺️ AND coconut oil is everything, i use it all over my body!! Hehe. Not only does it reduce dark spots/stretch marks etc I also notice it has made my face look plumper and brighter and it’s great for removing excess makeup after washing your face!! Well anywayz love this, keep doing your thing 💁🏽

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