It’s official, I’m an intern.

Yes that’s right, I’m an intern.

Ever since I can remember I’ve dreamed of the glorious day of becoming an intern for a fashion company, with my own desk, a crazy boss I’m scared sh*t of, and those glamorous tasks like fetching Starbucks, making copies, and picking up dry cleaning….because in the end, it would all pay off! Right…?


Well good news is, my internship is nothing like that! (Except for the desk, I got my own desk AND I get to decorate it…#score) Originally I dreamed of a summer internship in the streets of NYC where I would become a city girl and meet people that could miraculously get me into fashion week.(don’t we all?) Although the idea seems great, I was nervous of the fast pace lifestyle, being so far from home, and of course… the cost.

I was kinda stressing about what I was going to do for an internship at this point and who would hire me in Boston with all the competition and only a few spots to offer.

It was one of the last weeks of class and my professor made an announcement that TJX (the headquarters of marshalls, tjmaxx, home goods, and many many more) was looking for a product development intern. I wasn’t really sure exactly what product development was because my major is fashion communications, and I knew TJX was a company filled with fashion students from Lasell and Framingham state (which I must admit was a turn off) but I decided to go for it and apply. Not too long after I got invited in to have an in person interview with four teams and not soon after that was I offered a position as the PD intern for men’s sweaters. I accepted.

This past Monday was my first day and I had to attend a orientation. It was long, cold, and made me a little more nervous about the internship and the type of company I was about to work for. When orientation was done I nervously waited for my (I guess boss?) in the lobby. And although I didn’t like the idea of having an internship filled with more Lasell girls, it was actually a relief seeing familiar faces in a new unfamiliar place. When she got there we went upstairs to get started. She was exactly how I remembered in the interview and I loved that. (I think I seriously lucked out with the team I’m interning for…seriously couldn’t be happier) I already got started with the job, filing swatches and garment information, copying pages and organizing them into the correct sections and yes it seems boring but it actually felt good to be given tasks and feel like you’re working a professional job. Also with TJX they hire interns and you stay an intern until you graduate…and the best part is, ITS PAID.

To say the least I’m over joyed with this opportunity and I will keep you all posted to follow this journey with me!


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