Last Minute Gift Guide

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Christmas is already here…time really does fly by. This year has been a busy one and with the holidays here your schedule can feel overwhelming and days seem even shorter. For those of you searching for that last minute gift, I got you covered!

  1. Something edible. Who doesn’t love food? You can throw a batch of treats in the oven while wrapping gifts or head to a local bakery and pick up something pre-made. Depending on the person you can get them something salty or sweet, add some cute wrapping and bows and viola! You’re all set.

Via Pinterest

2. WINE. Run to the closest liquor store, pick up some bottles of wine, add some holiday flare….gifts done.

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3. A gift basket. What does this person like? Baking, arts & crafts, beauty products, food? Whatever it is they like, pick a theme, grab a basket and give the gift that they will actually want!

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4. A gift certificate or tickets. The best gifts come in the smallest packaging! Grab a gift card to their favorite restaurant, store, or spa! If you want to spend a little more buy them tickets to their favorite sport team, a concert, or play! (Plus it’s a gift for you too!)

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5. A Subscription. Today we need to “subscribe” to some of the things we enjoy most. This Christmas give the gift of a subscription! It could be a year of Netflix, Creative Cloud, or even a music app like Spotify. If you want something more tangible you could do a month of FabFitFun, BirchBox, Glassful, or SketchBox.


I hope this helped you find some last minute gifting options, good luck!

Happy Holidays! ✨


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