Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

It’s the most wonderfuuuul time of the year….love month! ❤❤❤

Valentines Day is my favorite holiday, like I mentioned last year (and all the time). A lot of people aren’t a fan of the day but since I can remember, I’ve always loved the whole idea of it. I really never know what to post for a Valentines Day blog because I always want to share with you what I’m doing for my boyfriend but then it ruins the surprise for him🙄….so instead of doing a “what to get him” post, I decided to help out the boyfriends who wait last minute for the perfect Valentines Day gifts!

9 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

  1. The classic flowers and chocolates. I know it’s cliché but if you trade in grocery store flower and chocolates and head to a local flower shop and chocolatier you can make the cliché into something special.
  2. Creative V-Day Date. Skip movies and dinner and do something different than your usual go-to places. Maybe take a small road trip, attend a drive in, wine tasting, or an event in your area!
  3. Perfume. Every girl loves getting a pretty little box that smells even better than it looks. If you want to go even further, create a personal perfume just for her!
  4. Jewelry. I’m usually not a fan of getting jewelry, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. Skip the ring section and check out the necklaces. What is she into? A little necklace with something she loves on it will make any girl happy. Example: coordinates, her state, her zodiac sign, or favorite animal. Don’t over do it.
  5. Tickets. Does she light theater? Maybe she wants to see a popular artist coming to your area? Or maybe she is a sports fan! Get two tickets, throw it in a nice little envelope and it’s a gift you’ll both enjoy. (You’re welcome) 
  6. Lush. Head to the mall and get your girl some Lush. I promise she will love it and if you’re not sure what to get, they have pre-made lush boxes! (Wrapped and all) 
  7. Something Home Made. Let your guard down and make something from the heart. From a photo album of your favorite memories to a special painting, she will love it just because you took the time to make it!
  8. Heart-Shaped-Pizza and wine. That’s all I have to say about that. Just do it.
  9. Night In-Date Night. Well the snow is pretty crazy in New England right now so do date night at home! Decorate with rose petals and candles, grab her favorite movies, and made her favorite meal!

P.S. No matter what you choose to do, ALWAYS add a card. Just a little tasteful card is all a girl wants and that is the true Valentine’s Day gift…a Valentine! 

Happy Valentines Day!



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