Question…is 22 underrated because 21 is so overrated? LMK.

This week I’ve decided to rewind to the beggining of February, February 3rd to be exact (muh buuurthday🎈), and give you the scoop on what I wore, what I did, and some fun surprises my dearest friends and boyfriend planned for me.

So again, rewind to my birthday eve. My friends came to my room while I was getting ready to go out and had given me the most beautiful gifts that were so perfect and amazing  (I finally got my pink Polaroid I’ve been eyeing for the last few months). We then went to Franco’s (the go-to small town bar where Lasell kids spend their Thursday’s) and rang in 22 with mystery shots, bad karaoke, and of course Bubba the bouncer. Me being me, I cried from 11:50 – 12:01 because I’m the person that gets emotional over another year of life and the Snapchat world got the whole show, but overall it was a good time. 

I wake up 22 Friday morning and I start my day with a two and a half hour class, exciting I know. BUT, when I got back to my room my friends had turned it into a pretty in pink birthday dream. My bed had beautifully wrapped presents filled with more of my favorite things, pink decorations filled my walls…my friends were so amazing and really outdid themselves, I couldn’t even put how happy I was into words even if I tried. 

So it’s Friday night and it’s time for round two of celebrating. I decided to make up for my not so fun 21st birthday and get a table at Whiskey Saigon, a club in Boston, and may I just say…a table is not worth the money, stress, or status. #amen. My boyfriend has an apartment in Boston so we decided to have people over prior to going out. My roommates and I headed over to his place and when I walked in he had set up the most beautiful decorations, flowers, cake, you name it. I honestly thought it was the cutest thing that a guy was capable of such pretty decorations. He really went above and beyond. I think I actually had 300x more fun with everyone at his place than the club and may I just mention that a table on your birthday will not bring you anything but stress! Tables are only fun when they are not under your name or wallet…so therefor, don’t do it. 

Between my roommates being so amazing and making my birthday so magical, my boyfriend making every second perfect, being surrounded by all of my friends, and all the love from my family…this birthday will definitely be hard to beat in the years to come. Thank you to everyone who made it so special. 

Dress: Missguided

Shoes: Dolce Vita @ LF Stores 

Choker: ASOS



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