Cold Shoulders

Does anyone else have problems with off-the-shoulder shirts but love them and suffer anyways? I am loving anything and everything off-the-shoulder…but I have a problem with feeling restricted with movement, finding bra alternatives, and keeping them in place. But, I have fount a dress I absolutely love that I don’t find problems with AND was from a store I usually don’t give the time of day to. My roommate took me into the clothing jungle, Forever21 and there it was before my eyes. Also I would like to point out that my sandals are a MUST HAVE this year! They’re from Old Navy and I got a pair last year and am so happy they brought them back in new colors…they’re my favorite.

I highly recommend this dress, its comfortable, affordable, and so very cute.

Sunglasses: SOLD OUT – Shop These

Dress: Forever 21

Sandals: Old Navy

I have been in Charleston, SC since Thursday and am absolutely loving this beautiful city and the places and people in it. I will be uploading a post on my trip next week but for now I’m going to enjoy my week off! Happy Spring Break!



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