Menswear with Manny

You won’t “cash me outside” because it’s “spring”, yet it’s still snowing here in Boston…typical. We are in a weird transition from cold to (almost) warm and right back to cold. Living in New England we don’t even consider putting our winter wardrobes in hibernation until we have a steady shift into spring weather.

This week I decided to let my boyfriend, Manny, take over and do a menswear post. (Still trying to convince him to start a blog including everything MEN) The bone chilling weather is still in swing so why not continue the winter fashion reports? We constantly joke that he should have been a fashion minor because he has a stronger passion for it than half the students in my fashion department…and if I may say so myself, he’s pretty talented. Alight I’ll stop rambling and hand the computer off to him…enjoy!

~Hey guys, thanks to Michaela’s introduction, you can probably take a guess that my name is Manny and I’m taking over Roses and Mimosas today! Although I studied finance in college and pursued it for a career, I’ve always had a huge interest in the fashion industry.

My most shopped stores are Banana Republic, J. Crew, Zara, and Urban Outfitters. I have a very versatile wardrobe to change things up from day to day. Weekdays I dress up for work, usually consisting of a button down, blazer, trousers, and oxfords. While weekends I like to change it up from casual looks that usually look something like ripped jeans paired with a flannel and converse or vans, to sophisticated street wear where I would pair chelsea boots with a sweater and a peacoat. It usually varies with weather as well as weekend plans.

I went with a street style look for this post because I thought it could relate to a lot of people and would be easy to recreate. An outfit like this is definitely my go-to when I’m off of work and enjoying the city.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Manny 2

Manny 1

Peacoat: J.Crew

Sweater: Banana Republic

Button Down: Zara

Denim: Urban Outfitters

Chelsea Boots: Urban Outfitters

Stay tune for my upcoming spring menswear edition!



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