A Bohemian Summer 

What is your ideal summer day?

Most people would say a day at the beach but for me it is a day in a big open field with a ocean breeze, yummy sips and snacks, and good company. I’ve always been drawn to the calm things in life that allow you to sit back and relax and this is one of my favorite spots to do so. When I come here it’s like I am a little girl again going on picnics with my mom and not having a worry in the world!

Being in the city so often I sometimes lose connection to a sense of style I’ve always loved and felt drawn too. Some call it boho, some may call it “hippie”, or even western but I love the free spirited feel that comes a long with a lot of the clothes I buy at Free People. (Which is pretty comical seeing that all my life I’ve given my mom a hard time about her “free spirited” wardrobe, but hey maybe that’s what inspired me!) For some reason whenever I come home I automatically gravitate to this section of my wardrobe. Earth tones, little god treasures to accessorize, and statement pieces that are sure to make an impression. My current favorite is this off the shoulder shirt with big statement sleeves. 


Click the store names to shop the looks, you will be redirected to the website!

Hat: Sold Out – Similar Free People

Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

“baby girl” Necklace: Forever21

Top: Free People

Girlfriend Jeans: Sold Out – Similar H&M

Location: “The Great Lawn” The Ocean Lawn, Manchester by the Sea, MA

xx~ Michaela

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