Gingham to the Rescue

Another Sunday, another blog post. Actually, this was not my original plan for a blog post, my outfit was completely different when leaving the house. 

My boyfriend and I headed into the city for the Boston Public Market and to do other Saturday things and I made the mistake of wearing pants and a layered tee in 85°+ weather. (I am not a heat baby, I actually want to die when it’s hot out and I give Manny so much credit for dealing with my cry-baby self) 

So we headed to the Quincy Market and I went into Urban to buy something fitting for the weather and I fell in love with this gingham dress. I actually am obsessed with the length and I think the side slit and it being off-the-shoulders makes it youthful. 

Here I paired it with sneakers for a casual city day but when I wore it for a 4th of July party I wore it with lace up sandals so you can really pair it with anything! 

I also did a 10 day hair challenge to leave my hair natural and not apply any heat to it and I must say my hair feels so much better. Before I was blow drying it every other day and I could see the damage I was slowly causing…so enjoy the crazy mane! 

Gingham Dresses
Boston Blogger
Boston Flowers
Boston Blogger
Boston Blogger
Boston Blogger
Sunnies: urban Outfitters 

Dress: urban Outfitters 

Watch: Daniel Wellington 

Platform Sneakers: T.J. Maxx 

Already back to Monday tomorrow…I wish you all a fast work week to the weekend! 

xx~ Michaela 

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