Mini Vaca to Block Island

Feeling like you need a vacation before summer ends but don’t have the time or funds? Well if you’re in the New England area I have the perfect place for you!

Last week I explored Block Island for the very first time. I am definitely an over packer and it pertains to day trips as well. I always have had a fear of being somewhere and needing something I don’t have access to…so I always prefer to over pack rather than under pack. But you know what I didn’t pack? Sunscreen. And I have a mean burn to prove it.

I have heard of Block Island a few times but have never made the trip, I guess you could say it wasn’t on my places to visit bucket list; but my boyfriend insisted taking me because he loved taking the ferry to Block Island when he was younger. We took the 9 a.m. ferry out of Point Judith, RI and we were on our way!

When we arrived I quickly felt Block Island wasn’t anything special; growing up on an “island” myself, I wasn’t too impressed. Many tourists, tourists shops filled with “Block Island” merchandise, and over priced sea-food restaurants. Typical. You could definitely say I wasn’t planning on spending too much time there. But I quickly had a change of heart.

I let Manny take charge and show me to some spots around the Island. We started off at this cute little breakfast spot called Ernie’s Old Harbor Restaurant and then we headed off to Mohegan Bluffs. P.S. Make sure you bring cash because only few places take cards and the island is full of outdoor ATMs that charge you to take money out. Anyways, our taxi brought us to Mohegan Bluffs and the second I stepped out I felt like I was in paradise. I wanted to cancel the rest of our day plans and spend the whole day here!

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We enjoyed the sunshine, soft sand, and soothing water. We went on a week day so it wasn’t packed and we ended up walking all the way to the end of the beach where it was practically empty. I noticed there were a ton of rock stacks around the beach that people had made with the beautiful washed up stones that I swear I’ve seen home decor stores sell for an arm and a leg.  I am very familiar with these spiritual rock stacks because my mom does this on the reg! So Manny and I gathered some rocks that caught our eye, put forth our best team work skills, and set good intentions for our stack of rocks. (Y’all probably think were coo-coo) But look how beautiful ours was!!

13C73A70-7A95-4CC9-A0E5-554BA89C58CE.jpgIMG_6651.jpg IMG_6639.jpg 7DE363C3-FFF6-4E9D-87B9-2E046D3D2005.jpg

After enjoying a few hours at Mohegan Bluffs (I didn’t want to leave) we headed to the lighthouse. I was so excited to see a Del’s Lemonade stand out front to cool us off on this blazing hot day.


For the rest of the day we explored the light house and views, adventured around the little town and shops, and had some good eats! We had lunch at Beachead and got ice cream at Aldo’s Bakery and I highly recommend both!

Do you need a short, close to home get-away from your busy schedule? I highly recommend taking a trip to Block Island, more so for Mohegan Bluffs, but also for the historic island experience as well!

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Happy Sunday!

xo ~ Michaela

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