For the Love of Gucci: A Fall Style for Men

Fall may be right around the corner but fall inventory has already hit the floors of most, if not all retailers. Fall wardrobe is definitely my favorite to shop for and with it being the shortest season (I’m not sure if it is actually the shortest, but it sure does seem to be) you have to jump on the autumn band wagon as early as you can! Here in New England, we are already experiencing the temperature change and while most are sad, I’m in my element.

As much as I love shopping for myself and love styling women’s fall wardrobing, I think fall is an amazing season for men’s fashion as well. The neutral tones with pops of warm colors, layering, facial hair and scarfs…c’mon how could you not love it?

My good friend Rew and I went into the city for coffee at Cafe Nero and I asked him if I could share his look on the blog! He’s always had great style and I love the way he mixes edgy street style with casual classics. He has a unique way of pulling all of the inspiration around him into one outfit and making it look effortless. In this look his plaid Gucci pants and Zara leather jacket really emphasize on his everyday style and is the perfect outfit for the fall season!


Hat: Larose Paris Shop Similar

Sunnies: Illestiva Shop Similar

Jacket: Zara Men Shop Similar

Shirt: Save Khaki United Shop Similar

Pants: Gucci Shop Similar

Loafers: Gucci Kings Shop Similar

Happy (almost)  Fall!

Check Rew out on Instagram! @rewdigiovanni


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