Hi guys!

I hope you are all finding relaxation somewhere in the midst of the crazy holiday season!   If you’re someone like myself who struggles with stress and anxiety on a daily basis, I have discovered the perfect accessory to not only compliment your style but your well-being as well! As we all know, life on a daily basis comes with a lot of stresses and the idea around MeditationRings is to ease those negative feelings. The idea originated from the Ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels and the act of spinning the wheel (or the band around your ring) has amazing positive benefits for yourself and others. By spinning the band on your ring it helps you clear your mind of worry and anxiety and focus on something calming and the flows of the ring. The brand encourages loss of stress and to regain focus and clear the negative energy out of your soul. I absolutely love my MeditationRing and wear it on a daily basis. Whether I’m out at a social gathering, at work, waiting in line (especially at this time of year) or even running errands, I feel comfort in focusing my attention on my ring and spinning the band to reground myself and free those feelings of anxiety and stress! Spin and Wish!

Shop My Ring: Terra MeditationRing Click Here (Use promo code holiday17 at checkout!)

This post is in Collaboration with MeditationRings.

X Michaela

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