The Accessory to your Accessory

In partnership with Lianna Paris

Happy Saturday!

First off, let me start by apologizing for being MIA since the new year. I started a new job and have been working to find balance between a full time job, blogging, personal time, and everything in between. I also just wanted to take a little break from the blogging world and focus on myself for a while, but I’m back and better then ever!

Lately I am all about the bags. My purse collection is quickly growing and I love having the options to change things up! A bag is truly the perfect accessory to complete a look. Well, how about an accessory for your accessory? An interchangeable strap to bring some of your old bags back to life!

Lianna Paris offers a variety of straps for any style to compliment or refresh your bags! I was really excited to work with this company because all of their straps are trendy yet timeless and really give a special touch to your bag!

I am absolutely obsessed with the Rive Gauche faux fur strap because it goes with everything and gives my bag a classic look. I have a leather bucket bag that had a strap that could be removed with clips so I took off the original and replaced it with my Leanna Paris strap! It compliments all of my outfits and helps me change old things up! (Which I’m always looking to do!)

To shop my Rive Gauche strap click HERE!

Tag them on Instagram with your Lianna Paris strap and show them how you gave a new life to your bags! @liannaofficiel

Enjoy your weekend loves!

X Michaela

One thought on “The Accessory to your Accessory

  1. Wendy Elizabeth Rose says:

    Great job Michaela. Love the new bags and changeable straps. You always look amazing and it is awesome that you are able to share your ideas, and fashion tips with so many people. Enjoy what you do and live your best life in the most fashionable and fun way. Love and light do it right and always be you and share that inner light. Fashion speed ahead! Watch out Cali here she comes!!

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