Meditation Rings

In collaboration with MeditationRings.

Happy Thursday loves!

As you all know I am a huge fan of MeditationRings. Not only are they beautiful, timeless pieces that are crafted to perfection, but they also have an amazing purpose. Although I love shopping, I feel like it’s extremely unlikely for the things I’m usually buying to have a bigger purpose or meaning than just being an addition to my wardrobe. I feel so strongly about this brand and I wear these rings EVERYWHERE. Work, yoga, out and about, you name it.

My most recent addition to my growing collection is the dream ring which has a traditional Tuscan style to it. My first ring was the Terra ring which is more of a bohemian style but both being so different from the other work so well together or apart!

When I wear these rings it’s a constant reminder to stop, breathe, and be thankful for the present moment and that in itself is something so rare to find. You’ll see me wearing these rings all year long!

@MeditationRings #SpinandWish


X Michaela

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