A Timeless Classic

In Collaboration with Daniel Wellington.

Something about checking your watch for the time, even if it is for a few seconds, brings a sense of classic and simplistic living that I love bringing more of into my day to day life.

The Melrose Petite Classic Watch by Daniel Wellington is minimalistic and refined with a dainty aesthetic which is something I personally look for in my jewelry. Although it won’t guarantee you’ll always be on time (personal problems) it will guarantee that you will have a forever piece added to your jewelry collection that you can wear with any outfit, any day.

Daniel Wellington represents detail oriented design at its finest. Coveted for their tasteful allure, our iconic timepieces and accessories are worn on all occasions by men and women all over the world.

We believe in keeping it simple, using clean lines, and letting the product speak for itself. That is why all of our products are characterized by simplicity and minimalism. This subtle set of qualities is what makes a Daniel Wellington a true classic to love for years to come.”


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X Michaela

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