Gingham to the Rescue

Another Sunday, another blog post. Actually, this was not my original plan for a blog post, my outfit was completely different when leaving the house.  My boyfriend and I headed into the city for the Boston Public Market and to do other Saturday things and I made the mistake of wearing pants and a layered … Continue reading Gingham to the Rescue

A Bohemian Summer 

What is your ideal summer day? Most people would say a day at the beach but for me it is a day in a big open field with a ocean breeze, yummy sips and snacks, and good company. I've always been drawn to the calm things in life that allow you to sit back and … Continue reading A Bohemian Summer 

City Girl Guide: NYC Addition. By Samantha Mornhineway

Hey guys! I’m Sam, a 22 year old Jersey/City girl currently attending LIM College in Manhattan. I’m a senior studying Fashion Merchandising and soon to be graduate (FINALLY)! In my free time, I enjoy brunching with friends, thrifting and keeping up-to-date with the latest workout crazes. I have lived in the Big Apple for a … Continue reading City Girl Guide: NYC Addition. By Samantha Mornhineway